Corporate & Personal Branding Photography Course 

Would you like to know how to make more money as a photographer...

...with less stress and only working during regular business hours? What if you could make recurring revenue from just a few loyal clients, who hire you on a regular basis? So you could spend less time marketing and selling and more time doing the creative work you love?
I’ve spent the last 7 years developing a proven business model for creating and selling corporate brand photography to local service based and online businesses. This is the model I use to make at least $3000 per photo shoot, only work Monday through Friday while my kids are in school and have income I can count on month after month. And I’m going to teach you how to do the same thing.

I’ll teach you exactly who needs this service and is willing and able to pay a high price for it. Knowing your target market is essential to success and it took me years to figure out the specific needs my ideal clients had that I could fill. I’ll go over examples of the types of clients you can expect to work with and exactly what they’re looking for, so you can easily find them.

You’ll learn what to offer and how much to charge for it. I’ll teach you 4 different pricing models typically used by photographers and how to choose the best one for you and your clients.

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I'll walk you through all the legal stuff...

Did you know you should be offering a different type of usage license to commercial clients than those you’d typically offer to a personal portrait client? Licensing and legal issues can be confusing and intimidating. I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve been buying and selling digital assets for over 20 years and I’ll teach you all about your copyrights, licensing and what to include in your contracts. Don’t lose out on income by giving away your property because you didn’t know any better.

Do you know the number one thing I’ve found that leads to a successful commercial photo shoot?

Planning! I’ll give you my proven process, including all the forms and emails you need, for walking clients through pre-production planning. This process ensures everything goes smoothly on the day of the shoot and your clients are happy with the end results. Because that’s really all that matters.

I’ll offer you tips for success on the day of the shoot, including what gear you need, simple lighting set-ups for typical scenarios you’ll encounter, like cramped office spaces, ugly conference rooms, and how to help your clients and their staff feel and look at ease while being photographed.

If you’re thinking, “All this sounds great, Tanya, but how do I sell this service????” Don’t worry, I’ve got you. We’ll go over proven ways to market branding photography with some clear and easy homework assignments so you’ll be sure to get it done. I’ll also teach you what didn’t work, so you won’t waste time like I did on marketing efforts and expenses that aren’t effective.

Last, but certainly not least, I’ll show you how to offer content creation retainers, so you can generate recurring income as a photographer. This one shift I’ve made in my business has literally changed my life! And I want that for you, too!

So, who is a good fit for this course?

Anyone who wants to work with businesses as a photographer and do it right! Maybe you already know how to create incredible images. You have professional quality gear or are ready and willing to invest in it. You might already be charging a great price for wedding or portrait photography, but you’re just ready for a change or want to supplement your income.

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If you’re at the beginning stages of your photography journey, don’t worry, I’ve got the best resources to recommend for you to improve your technical skills while also learning the foundations for successfully launching and growing your corporate photography business.

You know investing in quality education by someone who has applied what they teach in the real world is invaluable and you’re willing to spend the time and money to try something new.

I’ve spent years and thousands of dollars figuring all this stuff out...

For a fraction of what you’d make on one WorkStory style shoot, you’ll learn everything you need to know to launch your own commercial photography brand and start working with businesses who value what you have to offer.

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The Details

Who is teaching the course?

Tanya Goodall Smith, owner of WorkStory Photography, will be teaching the class. She's a nationally recognized photographer and award winning graphic designer, who has worked with brands like GUESS, HP, Microsoft and hundreds of local service based businesses in Washington and Idaho. She's also an educational ambassador for SLR Lounge. Check out her bio on her website.

When will the course start?

This is a perpetual course, so you can start any time! There are 7 modules, broken up into bite size pieces so you can work through it at your own pace. The modules include video lessons, homework assignments, links to additional free resources and text and templates for emails, marketing, contracts, workflows and everything else you need to launch and scale your business.

How will I access the course?

After you purchase, you'll receive an email invitation with a link to join the private Facebook group where all the course material will be presented and where you can interact with me and other course participants. When you request to join the Facebook group, please give us the email address you used when you paid so we can verify your purchase. If you don't currently have a Facebook account, it's free and easy to set one up at

How long will it take me to get through the material?

I've designed this to be a 7 week course with action items that could take a week to implement but technically you could finish it sooner or take much longer if you want. You'll have access to the course indefinitely to reference as needed.

Help! I'm having a technical difficulty!

If you're having issues signing up or joining the Facebook group, or just have a question about whether or not this course is the right fit for you, please email tanya (at)

Do you offer payment plans?

Not at this time, although we do accept credit cards. We recommend you check out low or no interest financing options like PayPal Credit.

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*Tax and other laws vary by state. Please consult with legal professionals to determine your tax liability, copyright laws and other legal issues.